Flatirons Community Orchestra

Flatirons Community Orchestra is a player-based organization that performs full orchestral repertoire, symphonic wind ensembles and string orchestra selections.  Its mission as a non-auditioned community orchestra is to provide instrumentalists, of all ages and expertise, an avenue for musical studies and enrichment.

Flatirons Community Orchestra strives to be as open and inclusive as possible and to put “community” in “community orchestra”. The Flatirons Community Orchestra plays for the love of making music together. We are very friendly, and we have joined together as musicians to make an association that is unique. Our organization and policies have been structured with the goal of maximizing this inclusiveness and community aspect, and to increase our enjoyment of rehearsing and performing together.

*designates principal

First Violins

Andrew Giordano, Concertmaster

Jenny Knight

Vena Kostroun

Alyssa Wells-Lewis


Second Violins

Clare Adamson

Sandra Arreola

Cindy Avenell

Corban Green *



Laura Hyland

Kate Lanter

Susan Metzger

Judy Stone *



Alice Antia

Immanuel Gonzalez

Alex Kahler *

Cheryl Koelling

Renee Mize



Elke Adler

Beth Johnson

Tim Hughes *



Anthony Federico *

Yuki Hu



Eric Blough


Alto Trombone

Johannes Plambeck



Stephanie Morse


Bass Trombone

David Oliver



Holly Clifford