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Rocky Mountain Ringers

The Rocky Mountain Ringers have been promoting the art form of English handbell ringing since 1996. Our members come from all walks of life.  We share a single passion: ringing English handbells. Our White Chapel and Petit and Fritsen handbells produce a superior sound you won’t forget, and our ringers are simply the best! Our concerts are all about the music - we want you to feel what we feel when we are playing. Be prepared to be wowed by both the sound and the visuals.  Be prepared to laugh, cry, and shout with joy.  We hope to see you at our next concert! 

Brendan Barwick
Jeff Finlon
Susan Goeldner
Justine Hart
Claire Holtgrewe
Amy Kingston
Allison Korinek
Jill Locantore
Ricki Moyer
Molly Mumm
Bryce Nance
Geoff Nichols
Nolan Oltjenbruns
Tim Phillips
Jessica Ripke
Emily Stover


Women of all ages and interests come together in Safonia to create a synergy of music, passion and excellence. Under the direction of Marla Wasson, our over-riding goal is to create a seamless blend between all members without squelching the amazing passion and creativity each woman brings to the group. Musicianship is enhanced by repertoire selection of both classical and non-classical works. Safonia strives to bring a transcendent grace to each note, line and composition we perform.


Jessica Bondy    
Anne Dicola    
Sarah Dieter    
Finessa Ferrell     
Jeanne Fischetti 
Melissa Gillespie
Lee Hamre
Brooke Layman    
Karen Lowenstein*
Rebecca MacMahon*    
Skye Maes
Faith Maronn    
Erin McDermott
Caitlin McKernan
Megan Migler    
Allison Moe    
Sarah Tie
Laura VandeRiet
Caroline Yates-
Adria Young    
* Section leaders

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