Arvada Chorale

A vital component of the Front Range cultural landscape for more than 40 years, the Arvada Chorale sings both traditional and non-traditional choral music for the enjoyment and enrichment of our audiences and members. As a true community chorus, we welcome singers of all ages and musical abilities.  


The Chorale offers an annual concert series and performs at special events throughout the Denver area. In recent years we have collaborated with community orchestras and chamber quartets; a capella, bluegrass, Irish, brass and jazz ensembles; assisted living residents and high school students. We seek to show young musicians that you can sing all your life!


Diversity, equity and inclusion are interdependent components of the Arvada Chorale’s community of artists. Our aim is to foster an environment where every singer feels valued, supported, and inspired to achieve individual and common goals. This includes providing opportunity and access for all people across differences of race, age, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, national origin, migratory status, disability/abilities, political affiliation, veteran status, and socioeconomic background.


The Arvada Chorale receives funding in support of its mission from several granting organizations, including the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District, the Arvada Vitality Alliance and Colorado Creative Industries.

*designates guest singer


Judy Barckholtz *

Laura Brassie

Megan Funk *

Anna Giebel

Bria Hampleman

Fran Kassak

Sue Knight *

Steph Lanoue

Karen Lewis

Faith Marron *

Caitlin McKiernan *

Deb Morrow

Barb Myers

Sarah Sujansky

Crystal Wilcox

Caroline Yates Deffenbaugh *



Emily Adams

Cindee Ball

Susie Battler

Batina Bek

Jessica Bondy *

Deana Carter

Bonnie Daly

Leah Essey

Catherine Forington *

Lisa Greim

Loretta Huff

Lila Jimenez *

Jennifer Kingsland

Diana Krueger

Cathy Lamp

Karen Lowenstein *

Rebecca MacMahon *

Ester Macalady *

Kay McCarthy

Erin McDermott *

Sharon Messbarger

Allison Moe *

Jorey Mull *

Emily Philip

Kara Sakulich

Jamie Stalker

Jennifer Sujansky

Gwen Thomas *

Roxanne Thompson

Pat Troeltzsch

Adria Young *



Michelle Baker

Lee Hamre *

Bob Hunter

Jan Jacobsen

Sue Lindsay

Mark Moyer

Karen Nielson

Laura VandeRiet *

Shana Vorhauer



David Askey

Clint Bodine

Curt Daly

Tim Griffin *

Richard Krueger

Tom Lix

John-Christian Maheu

Brian Underhill *

Chris Varner