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Marla Wasson

As a graduate of the Choral Conducting Master’s Program at the University of Northern Colorado, Ms. Wasson has been involved in many forms of music from an early age.  While a student of Dr. Galen Darrough at UNC, Ms. Wasson was able to integrate the early music education she experienced within her very musical family with her passionate approach to teaching and choral conducting.


As the Music Director of the Arvada Chorale, Ms. Wasson brings over 20 years of leadership and conducting experience to the podium and encourages musicians and non-musicians alike to explore the deeper meaning of the art they present to their audience.  Ms. Wasson believes that choral music in particular speaks to the conscious and subconscious human experience in a more profound way than almost any other art form.  Studies have shown that breathing together and raising the voice in a concerted and purposeful way have health and welfare benefits for both the performer and the listener.  Ms. Wasson believes the choral arts offer a direct path to community energy, and that the choral arts are accessible to nearly every person no matter their level of expertise.


In 2005 Ms. Wasson formed a women’s chamber ensemble who are dedicated to the synergy of music, passion and excellence.  Since Safonia’s inception, they have performed throughout the Denver Metro area. Comprised of singers from all walks of life, the women of Safonia are busy professionals whose dedication to their craft is evident in every concert they perform.  From music written by the Estonian composer Veljo Tormis to works by Colorado composers Terry Schlenker and Chappell Kingsland, Safonia is proud to present programs of music not heard by other audiences in the Denver Metro area.  Invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in June of 2016, Safonia is excited about their continued role of presenting a varied program of music to our front-range communities.

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