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Rehearsal Recordings

Chappelle Kingsland, our talented accompanist, prepares part tapes for the our concerts. Remember to thank him when you see him! 






or find the part tapes by navigating to:


1) Scroll all the way down to the bottom of that page to:

"Part Tapes - Arvada Chorale"

2) Click on your part to listen - or - 

3) Click on "Tutti" to hear all the parts plus accompaniment





To save the files as MP3s, from a desktop or laptop:


1) Click on a song part, i.e., All Bells in Paradise, soprano.

2) A separate browser tab opens. You'll see the audio player, surrounded by black. 

3) To save the file, right-click anywhere on that page. Control-click for Mac users.

4) Choose "Save as..." and select a folder in which to save the file

(helps to make a new folder for each concert)

5) Burn everything in that folder to a CD - or - 

6) Import MP3 files into iTunes or Google Play

7) SING!!!


And if all else fails, contact a millennial! :)

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