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Upcoming Performance

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April 5th and 6th 

This exciting collaboration between the Arvada Chorale and The Spirituals Project will explore the power of spirituals. These songs, created and first sung by enslaved Africans in the 17th and18th centuries, continue to lift us up to work for a better, more just society. Our combined concert will celebrate the gift of prayer and human connection — in both secular and sacred settings — to keep us going when times are hard. Don’t miss this life-affirming performance!



  • April 5th at 7:00 PM at Bethany Lutheran Church Denver

  • April 6th at 3 :00 PM at Arvada United Methodist Church.

Call 720-432-9341 or use the link above to reserve your tickets today.

About The Chorale

The Arvada Chorale sings both traditional and nontraditional choral music for the enjoyment and enrichment of our audiences and members. As a true community chorus, we welcome all singers, regardless of musical ability or experience.

The Big Idea: Inclusion, Diversity, Access, and Equity

Our commitment to IDEA informs how the Arvada Chorale serves our performers, audiences and the wider community. Our aim as a community of singers is to foster an environment where every singer feels valued, supported, and inspired to achieve individual and common goals. Everyone is welcome regardless of race, age, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, national origin, migratory status, disability/abilities, political affiliation, veteran status, and socioeconomic background.

Prior Performances

December 9 & 10, 2023

From Central America to West Africa, Latvia to the West Indies and the United States, this concert takes us around the world to celebrate the holidays through choral music. The centerpiece of this program will be Conrad Susa's "Carols and Lullabies" for chorus, marimba, harp and guitar. Come join us for a concert of enchanting and inspirational singing to kick off your holiday season.

The Arvada Chorale is Generously Supported By:

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